Sunday, August 17, 2014

This was an amazing day for Bob.  He fed himself breakfast and dinner.  The most remarkable event of the day was when he moved his knee on command. He did this twice. This is big!!!  His speech has improved and has even started some conversations. Headaches are still a daily occurrence but medication has taken care of the problem.

Bob plays a computer game called "clash of clans" and he chats with the players and seems to have somewhat of a relationship with them.  I don't understand because I'm not much of a game player except for Words With Friends.  He wanted to let the people know he has been sick so today he found his way into the game and I'm not sure exactly what he said but it was a short message. Tears began to flow and I was wondering what happened.  He said they were keeping him in their prayers.  He was very touched.

I am so happy tonight and thankful.


Darrin Smith said...

Great to hear Bob is making great progress.

My father-in-law recently had heart / pace maker surgery and on his down moments I remind him that, "Think back a few days ago how you felt and compare it today. You are making great progress!"

Thanks for keeping us up to date and you are in our thoughts.

David Hendrix said...


Please tell Bob I'm praying for him. And Gateway Church Prayer Team is also praying for him.

I was not checking email while on vacation last week. I'm sure what has happened has been frightening to say the least.

Please know that you, Bob, and your very supportive family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Being poorly timed from my finding out so late, I'm expecting you won't post this comment to your blog. Bob is a very strong fighter with a good heart. I'm sure he will greet every new phase of recovery with much grace and good humour.