Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bob was moved today from "I See You"  to the 5th floor today to continue with recovery.  He had physical and speech therapy for about an hour.  He sat up with his feet handing at the side of the bed for about 25 minutes.  They worked with his posture, balance and just strength skills to hold himself up.  Fortunately, there was a mirror just in the right place where he could see himself and how straight he was and etc. He did really well and also well with his speech therapy.  All of this tired him out so much that he was in and out of sleep most of the day. There will be about an hour a day of therapy on the 5th floor.  I hope his endurance will build and eventually become less tired after therapy. He is doing terrific but has to take baby steps.

As for me, I am just thrilled I can spend the night at the hospital.  I have a cozy corner in front of a window overlooking the city.  My computer sits comfortably in the window. Bob is finally sleeping peacefully and my mind is at ease.  


Maria C said...

Where are you sleeping, Barb? Is it a recliner or just a chair? Please take care of yourself, too, sista, you don't want to get run down. Take it from someone who has stayed many, many nights in hospitals with her parents. It catches up with you, even when you are young. How are the headaches coming along? How do they know if there's still swelling in the brain? What kind of test do they do for that? Also, did they ever give him his eye drops?

Maria C said...

Did he ever get his eye drops?