Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tonight's update on Bob:  I first want to answer some of Maria's questions.  Where am I sleeping?  I posted a picture below of the bed beside the window.  It is about 36 inches wide and approximately 6 feet long.  It is fairly comfortable and I am thrilled with it. When it is not being used for a bed there is a long padded cushion to lay across the back that makes it look like a couch.  

How are the headaches coming along?  His headaches seem to be less and less but they still seem to occur at least twice a day.  They are giving him medication for it as soon as they start and Bob has learned to ask for it.

How do they know if there is still swelling in the brain?  They won't know a true measurement and damage until he has his Angiogram which is not until about 6 weeks from the stroke.  They do look at his pupils periodically. They can tell by looking if there is pressure on the eye.  Once they don't see pressure signs they know it has gone down a little.  One of the doctors told me he wouldn't be doing everything he has been doing if it hasn't gone down a bit. Their goal is to let it all happen naturally and it takes a while.

Did Bob ever get his eye drops?  They gave him ointment for his eyes and it is scheduled everyday.  His eyes are better.

Now, as for today and last night:  He had a really bad night because of allergy problems. He was sneezing over and over intensely.  Then his nose would run. He was miserable. I would give him ice chips to moisten his mouth.  His nose was irritated.  He even somehow ripped his feeding tube from his nose.  It was a constant, all night occurrence. I was constantly calling the nurses in for help.  I felt so bad for him.  The doctors scheduled Claritin  for the day time and Benadryl for night. He is sleeping very soundly now and is also dried up.

Bob had rehab today.  I was not there but it sounded as though it was very much like yesterday's rehab.  He was exhausted all day from no sleep last night and rehab today.  He never complains.  He just does what is asked.  I know he really wants to get well.

I went home for a nap and shower today.  I was exhausted.  My brother Tim called.  I cried when I heard his voice, then he cried.  He has and still is very, very sick.  

Bob had several visitors from his co-workers today.  He loves seeing those encouraging faces even though he may not say much yet.  Robert was here with me this evening then followed by Tamara and Phylene and John and Jack. Phylene is visiting from Australia.  Tamara brought all of the fixings of a chicken taco salad and prepared it on a taco shell at a table in the small lobby on this floor.  Both Robert (young Robert) and I had some. It was delicious.  Tamara is a really good cook.  We called it table side taco salad. Some of the Mexican Restaurants in our area serve what is called table side guacamole. The table side taco salad was a take on the table side guacamole. We had a few minutes of fun and laughing.  I think we all needed it.

I want to add that this is my daughter-in-law Casey's Birthday.  She is in Austin getting her daughter Peyton situated for school at UT.  I think sometimes we take those little birthday celebrations and family gatherings for granted.  Happy Birthday Casey!


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Maria C said...

Barb: Thank you for answering all of my questions. I don't mean to be a pest, but I've read some snippets that either you or Angie posted, and then I'm left wondering what happened with that particular issue.

I'm glad you showed me your bed. It's better than I thought! Lying prone, even if for just a little while, can make an enormous difference. Of all the times for Robert's allergies to act up! Arghh! I'm glad he's catching up on his sleep right now.

Do you remember when you had your surgery how Bob told you to think about how you felt 2 days ago, not yesterday? This way you would be able to focus on how much progress had been made because sometimes it's hard to see progress day to day. Well, it seems to me that this would be an excellent technique to apply to this. Just think how far he's come!

Take good care of yourself, Barb!