Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today was good.  It is so nice to see Bob feeling better.  It seems to make all of those things he has to do for rehab a little easier.  He has made so much improvement. I know he has a ways to go but I am encouraged by his will power.

I had to stay home this morning to wait for AT&T to fix our internet connection. Angie and Brent covered for me here at the hospital with Bob.  I am grateful and I know Bob liked it.  While they were here two friends from where he used to work came to visit. (John M. and John C.)  Bob just loves it when his friends come to visit.  Once Bob is well and at home we are going to have to set up visiting hours. He is going to go through withdrawal not seeing these people. I think that is one thing that has kept him going.

While waiting I thought I would take advantage and clean a little to get ready for Bob's brother who is arriving tomorrow from Seattle.  Joy stopped in and helped me.  She brought some sausage gravy and biscuits that Rob made at home this morning.  What a treatI Thank you Joy.  

I think PT tired Bob out tonight.  He is quiet and said he has a headache.  I guess it's common but I still hate seeing him in the slightest pain.

Today I opened an envelope for Bob from Jane, Ben and Jake.  They want to be here so bad but the distance from Chicago to Dallas/Ft.Worth and their schedules with school and work makes it too difficult.
We know their hearts are with us.  The pictures above are cards made by Jane (our daughter) and Jake (our grand-son).  


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