Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To God be the Glory

Today was an awesome day.  When Bob's Physical Therapist came in this morning to get him she was checking his legs.  Bob asked " would you like to see me move my knee and leg?"  She said "can you do that Bob?"  Bob raised his knee taking his leg with it about 6 or 7 inches from the bed.  She asked him to repeat it and he did.  This was done on command and this is the beginning of the end for rehab.

Bob also graduated from a Pureed Diet to a Mechanical Diet. They did a swallow x-ray on him and his speech therapist said he did better than she thought he would do.  I ordered some spaghetti for dinner and for dessert he gets ice cream and lemon cake.  They also eliminated thickeners from his liquids. I ordered him a coke. I thought these things would be a treat for him. I feel sorry for the poor lady taking my orders for Bob every day because I am learning and have so many questions regarding these diets.

Today I am thanking Steve Miller.  Steve is Bob's boss here at the hospital where he is contract/consulting.  I think he may have played a role in Bob being alive today.  He took Bob to the emergency room when Bob told him he thought he was having a stroke.  Steve has often been checking in on Bob bringing co-workers with him to visit. Bob lights up when these friends and co-workers come for visits.  Yesterday they came bearing gifts and a card with loving signatures and messages.

Tonight I am going home to sleep because I have to see my Cardiologist in the morning. I am glad  it is my annual exam because I am wondering how I am doing.

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Darrin Smith said...

Must be the gold and elixir from his clan.

Awesome our prayer are being answered!