Monday, August 25, 2014

Bob is doing much better after going through a few hurdles which set him back a little from rehabilitation. Some of them are due to side effects from the feeding tube. The tube is out and he is doing so much better. Bob is well on his way to rehabilitation.

Bob was exhausted today from rehab.  He was up all morning and very busy.  In occupational therapy he played card games and even played volley ball with me using a balloon with a smile face.  

In physical therapy he wheeled his chair to the therapy room and stood up. The patients are taught to hold their head straight without leaning, to work on balance, posture and  etc.

Bob is such a good sport.  He said he didn't mind if I post the picture of him on the equipment used to put new stroke patients in bed.  He calls it his baby Huey air lift.  I am happy to say he doesn't have to use that much anymore.  He is learning to get in and out of bed himself.  He still needs assistance. Isn't it wonderful though, that they have equipment like that?  His nurse is Robin.  Rock'n Robin.  And, she rocks.

The other picture is of Katie and Lindsay, his occupational therapists.  They are the cheeriest girls here. They threaten to sing and dance if Bob does not cooperate.  I like those girls.  They are so spirited and make things fun for the patients. 

We have so many family members and friends to thank that I would like to thank someone each time I post something.  Tonight I choose our son John.  John, Thank you for spending so many long mornings with us helping at the hospital. John has been so much support especially to me. I know this is about Bob but if I am not good then I cannot help Bob.  When I get frustrated about something John always says "it is what it is." Don't ask me why but that seems to calm me. He also brought me breakfast every day. John mowed our lawn and took care of some things at our house. John is selfless and never expects credit for anything. With all of this saying, his wife Casey was out of town all week with their daughter.  He had to take care of Jack and go to work.  Thanks John for all you have done and all that you do.   



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Maria C said...

I always knew John was a gem! I'm so very glad that he's there to help you guys. Barb, your children are marvelous human beings. I feel privileged to know them. Having said that, you and Robert have been amazing parents. Like begets like.