Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today was very good.  Bob did well in therapy.  If he is lying flat on the bed and someone pulls his left knee up high enough and he puts his left knee at that same height and when he lifts his hips he can either scoot from side to side or push himself upward in the directions of his head. I was impressed with that. He also practiced on his reach and posture.

Joy covered for me while I went to the cardiologist today.  He gave me a clean bill of health. My blood pressure was good.  (surprising after all that has been going on) my EKG was good and my heart checked out good.  I will say I have put that bovine aortic valve replacement to the test in the past couple of weeks. All I have to say to that is "Mooooo"

Ellen and Evelyn who work with Bob dropped in again today.  Bob was sleeping a lot while they were here but I enjoyed talking with them. They said the next time they come they are going to bring some cards to pass the time with Bob.  This has been encouraged by his therapists.

Robert came by tonight for a while.  Bob and Robert talked for quite a while.  It was good and also good to see Bob is more aggressive in his conservations with people. Robert thanks for the new mouse.

After I had my doctor's appointment I met my friend Helen and her daughter Christy. We had lunch at Anamia's in Southlake.  It was so great to sit at a table with friends, while being waited on and having a nice conversation.  We call it a Salsa Therapy.

Joy who was covering for me was caught in traffic this morning and called the hospital to tell them she would be late.  Bob has to be watched while eating his meals especially since he graduated to the mechanical diet last night.  Tonight I want to thank Claudia (the tech) for being with Bob and assisting him with breakfast. Also thanks to Joy for being here up to and past lunch.

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Maria C said...

I'm so happy to hear all your moo-velous news! Lol! It's good to see that Robert is eating more solids, too. As for your Salsa Therapy, I think you needed it more than ever. I'm so glad you took the time to go!