Saturday, August 16, 2014

I normally plan to give updates as often as I can after the day is done.  But it is amazing how much a good night's rest made me feel.  I hope to see that difference in Bob today. I wanted to share this because I was alone and started laughing out loud this morning all by myself.  (this one if for your diary Angie)

For everyone who has been following my family and travel blog for the past six years knows we are a blended family since 1986.  And, all our Ex's moved to Texas after we did. We strive for a mutual friendly relationship with everyone because it is best for us all. Some have said we are the most functional ,  dis-functional family they know.

Yesterday Angie and Robert's Mom texted me for an up-date on Bob. When I began the text it was quiet but as I was texting (and I often use audio to speak my message) the room became full of people and there was much activity.  I spoke with some updates and sent the message without editing.  This morning I had this text from Donna saying I put a smile on her face.  What?  What did I say?  I re-read the text and and when I spoke ICU it came out "I see you."  

Today I am going to visit Bob in "I see you."  It make sense though.  They are watching over him.  Thank you God and thank you UT. Southwest "I see you" medical staff.

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Maria C said...

This is funny! I'm just beginning to learn how to speak my texts, but I'm not happy with the results. I usually end up doing a lot of editing. You know, I'm no expert by far, but it seems to me Robert is making remarkable improvement in a very short time! Let's hope that it continues.