Friday, August 15, 2014

Bob's symptoms improved from yesterday to today.  More than a three syllable word is no longer a problem for Bob. Tonight he was saying something about a Margarita. He laughed and was feeling proud he could say it. He is also constructing sentences.  This morning he was talking and writing to the nurse telling her he thinks he may have gotten the stroke because when he was a boy he stabbed his finger with a pencil.  The led has been working it's way up to his head and that is why he stroked. Of course that is not it but it is amazing he is trying to figure it out.  I am sure after he recovers he will do his own case study.  He knows everything that is going on and is trapped in his body right now. He has involuntary movement with his arm, hand, leg and foot.  When someone pinches him or even rubs his feet he feels sensation.  These are all positive signs.  

Because of the swelling in his brain he is having a lot of head pain.  It is very difficult to see this.  After a long day and feeling exhausted I have to admit I went in the ladies room and cried.  I think I can deal with his frustrations of trying to talk or move a limb but to see him hurting is too much. Please pray the swelling will go down and we can get him out of ICU.      

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