Friday, September 12, 2014

Every Thursday the hospital staff has a meeting to discuss the patients and what they will do for them the following week.  Bob was originally scheduled to leave the hospital on the 16th but they moved his stay until Sept. 23rd.  This is because his progress has been rapidly going in the right direction and they are in the middle of of important therapy. His therapist Caroline wanted to extend his stay because she doesn't want to interrupt his progress. Since most medical issues are resolved there is nothing to stop Bob's progress.  I am so excited!  He got his brace fitted yesterday.  He also took some steps with the use of a hoist. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he can walk out of the hospital and not have to have care at a living facility and come home. Then he could concentrate on rehab at Pate rehab only.

I also wanted to add he is moving his arm and hand just a little.  We are all so thankful.

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Maria C said...

Hope for Bob is shining so bright within me! Good news!