Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I spent hours with Bob at the hospital yesterday.  Joy went with me to visit for a while, then took a taxi to the airport to go out of town for work. Bob was in and out of therapy and is always extremely excited about any new movement or feeling.  I bought him two pairs of shoes the same but different sizes in order to house the brace he is getting to aid him in walking.  Disappointed they didn't fit I bought a couple more pair of shoes on line suggested by his physical therapist.  They should arrive by tonight and I think this will be his ticket to walking sooner.  He is standing and has taken some steps while standing in the same place. He is sitting straight, getting in and out of his chair with ease, (still with assistance).  He positions himself all over his bed and last night was able to pick up his leg, turn to his side and pull the left leg up and made a fetal position. He no longer has food restrictions, and his speech improves everyday.  He is really working hard at each task. Bob said that is his job right now.

We thought the bladder and kidney issue was solved but discovered yesterday there is still a problem. He cried and of course when he cries I cry but decided it is just another road block that he is going to work on. I do hope and believe the approach they are taking (and I am not going into detail) will work. It has been these little medical issues that have prevented Bob from getting farther than he has already in recovery but I don't think this one will stop him with his progress.

We talked a long time yesterday about different scenarios of what he will do with his life depending on the outcome of his recovery.  A couple of co-workers Daniel and Rolland, came in yesterday and they were talking shop as if nothing had happened. Always happy to see people he worked with Bob said he would really like to return to work.  As you know Bob retired last year and was contract/consulting at UT Southwestern at the time of his stroke.  When they left the room Bob said he really felt like he made a difference and how fulfilling it was for him to be working at UT and helping people.  How often do we all go through life doing work for the sole purpose of money and survival?  How often do we get to do things because we make a difference or for self satisfaction or to be able to help others with our knowledge of whatever it may be?
Bob said if it works out to be that way he will be very happy but if not he will try and find a hobby and be a volunteer somewhere.  You know, those things retired people do.        

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