Thursday, September 4, 2014

I will start with yesterday and go back to Monday.  Bob is doing better everyday.  Last night he was able to move his left foot a little on command.  He is experiencing feeling everywhere on his left side at times which is a good sign.  His spirits are still great and has a passion to be able to function normally again. 

Bob's brother Ronnie has been here this week and has been helping me with the watering of the yard and some things around the house.  He has also helped me with some techincal challenges regarding the computer and etc.  Because we had no internet on Tuesday he helped me deal with the AT&T Technician and that transistion was fixed but it took all day running to and from the hospital as to meet schedules with the technician and etc.

Yesterday we spent the whole day visiting rehab facilities and their residences.  We chose Pate. We took pictures, had brochures and discussed all details of the rehab centers.  Bob altimately made the decision.  Both rehab centers were highly qualified for brain rehabilitation but Bob felt Pate would be the best for him. 

On Labor Day some of the kids were at the hospital.  They brought pizza from Lou Malnati's which was shipped from Chicago.  It was the second day Bob was able to leave his hospital room In a wheel chair.  We took him to the ICU waiting room area where there is an outside patio. It turned out to be a party until the Occupaitional Therapists came looking for Bob and found him there.  They were so sweet to let him continue the party and incorpated his therapy with the party by allowing him to play games with our family members.  Everyone enjoyed it and I could see these moments were very special to Bob.  A special thanks to Lindsay and Katie. Once I return to the hospital today I will include some pictures of the party which I need to get from my computer.

Yesterday Joy visited Bob at the hospital and cut his hair.  Thank you Joy. Ronnie and I spent yesterday evening with Bob.  Angie and John came up also.  Since Bob is no longer criticle and is feeling better I am not spending as much time at the hospital.  I am not aware of everyone who stops in now and can not mention everyone who visits but please be assured he really appreciates it.  I know rehab is a slow process but I couldn't be happier with Bob's progress so far.

I also want to mention that Bob has been used to me being at the hospital most of the time.  Yesterday while meeting with one of the rehab representatives I recieved a call.  It was Bob.  He tracked me down by reaching for the hospital phone and dialing my number.  He said "I just called to say I love you."  That made my day.   

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