Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yesterday Bob did about 9 minutes on the tread mill with the harness.  The harness has been set to take 100 pounds from the walk and yesterday they set it to 70 pounds to the walk.

Robert came by for a while and Tamera later.  It had been about a week since Tamara had been in and she was amazed at Bob's progress.  She said she was going to call her Mom to tell her how well he is doing. (one of our best friends living in Australia) Also, Steve and Terrie from work also dropped by.

Today Bob did about 12 minutes on the treadmill.  Bob's speech therapist gave him a cognition test. He tested normal.

At noon today Bob wheeled himself to the elevator.
A nurse yelled and ran over there to asked where he was going.  Bob said "I'm going to the eight floor to lunch bunch."  He told them he was not an inmate here he is a patient.  Even though Bob is seeming more and more back to normal he is still wearing yellow sox and the staff here take that seriously.  I laughed when he told me about it. I can just visualize it.

After I wrote this Bob told me he had permission from his tech to go alone and she was following with his food tray once it arrived.  It is wonderful to see Bob go from not moving to being so independent.

Joy called and said they were coming for a visit tonight.  Tomorrow Bob's sister Angela and her husband Doug will be flying in for a few days. We are looking forward to seeing them.  Also, tomorrow Bob asked me to come in a little early so PT can help him practice getting in and out the car. This is all so exciting!

Thanks to everyone who stops by.  Bob just loves it.  

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