Thursday, September 11, 2014

My phone rang this morning at 6:00 AM.  It was a familiar yet unfamiliar voice I have heard for twenty eight years saying "Good Morning Honey."  Andrew, one of his bosses was visiting last night agreed with other members of our family that Bob now has a Russian accent.  Bob's speech has improved every day and can be understood easily even on the phone.

Andrew, realizing the improvement of Bob's speech said there were a few guys at the office that needed to ask some questions. Things were in progress when he had his stroke and there are many un-answered questions.  Bob said he would love to help so they agreed they would bring Bob a Hamburger and they would have a meeting.  Bob now on a non-restricted diet and not requiring eating supervision is looking forward to this. He said it would be good therapy.

When I went in yesterday Bob demonstrated that he could lay flat on the bed and lift his left leg, bend it and bring it up to his chest.  I asked if he did that in therapy and he said "no."  He was up half the night working on it and didn't get much sleep.  He is so determined.  I reminded him he needs his rest for therapy and he agreed. I doubt he will rest until he walks out of there.

Last night Andrew, Robert, Casey and Jack came up for a while.  Robert is coming up today to play cards with his Dad. Excited my sister-in-law Mary Ann is coming tomorrow for a few days I am running errands this morning and getting ready for her visit.  I had no food in the house when Bob's brother Ronnie came. We somehow made it by going through drive through restaurants and got to eat at a couple of nice "sit down" restaurants and all I can say is poor Ronnie.  I always try to be a better hostess but it was impossible this time. My daughter Joy reminded me yesterday I need to start eating more healthy and she is right.

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Helen.  I always look forward to "salsa therapy" with her.  We talk about art and projects.  Yesterday she was telling me of a recipe to make a clay like substance which is easy to sculpt. She said it feels like silk and doesn't crack or brake easily.  It air drys.  I am anxious to try this and possibly use it for my mixed media paintings.  She has been using it for jewelry.  I can't believe I am actually getting time to even think about these things again.  This is such a good thing.

I wanted to also mention that Bob said his bladder situation was better last night so we are hopeful this problem will work itself out.

I am a mess with trying to organize and co-ordinate my pictures as they are being transferred to my computer.  I am trying to get them set up in Picasa.  This is what I am used to.  I hate changes and especially technical changes. I am going to have to call our friend Walt and see if he will help with this situation. This is a "heads up" Walt.  :)

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