Monday, September 8, 2014

This is a quick note about Bob.  He is doing very well and has been making improvements every day.  I have not posted for a couple of days because my computer is completely broken. Bob offered to buy me a new computer a few months ago but I refused because I didn't want to give up some of the old programs I can't have on a new computer. I am presently posting from Bob's I-Pad.  I need to get the home computer set up to do the blog posts.  Fortunately Bob's brother Ronnie was here last week. He installed Picasa and also added many of the pictures I had on my computer.  Once I get all settled in I will be start posting pictures again.

Bob has been doing standing and stepping on one foot exercises in PT.  In OT he has been doing reaching exercises and played scrabble with Simon today and beat him.  I noticed today Bob seemed to be more in control when sitting in the chair and actually sat down with much ease.

The Recreational Therapists invited us to the 8th floor to take our lunch and dine at a table with a table cloth.  There were a couple other patients and we had a nice conversation.  The room had windows from the floor to ceiling with a view of the Dallas skyline.  Just going to another floor and being in a room that doesn't look like a hospital room was kind of like going out.

Some of Bob's co-workers stopped by today.  Thank you for coming.  It means so much to Bob.  Angie is here right now and I am going to take advantage of that and ask her to help me get my laptop to my car.

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Maria C said...

I know just what you mean about your computer. Lee has been telling me I need to reload everything, and I'm terrified that I'll lose something that is there now. I'm glad Angie will be able to help you tonight! Take care, Barb!