Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yesterday, after doing some research on some rehab nursing homes AGAIN because Bob's insurance won't cover the rehab we chose.  We originally chose Pate because it specializes in brain injuries.  Also after returning some shoes that didn't work with Bob's brace and doing his laundry which I take back and forth to the hospital every day I didn't get to the hospital until after 3:30 PM.  This didn't allow me enough time to kiss away his tears and fears.  I am so thankful for my good friend Helen who insisted on having lunch "salsa therapy" for about 45 minutes during these errands.

Of course, if we had Blue Cross of Texas instead of Blue Cross of New York, Pate Rehab would have been covered.  But who knew?  Bob retired then started working for an agency who placed him in working for the same company he had worked for when he retired.  Didn't it make sense to buy insurance through that agency?  Blue Cross?  He had Blue Cross of California before. If he had Blue Cross of Texas he would have been covered because of a law in Texas which wants people with brain injuries to have that coverage.   But why then, would that not cover Bob because he lives in Texas? It doesn't stop there.  He found out yesterday Blue Cross of New York may drop him because he may not have been there long enough to take a medical leave. What??????   Bob with his "brain injury" is taking this in stride.  He said " I can get Blue Cross of Texas because of the Affordable Insurance Act (that most people in Texas are against).  I hope he is right.  It is all confusing. Bob has always worked and paid into insurance all of his life.  He has been a maintenance type person who always went to the doctor getting physicals and whatever is expected.  This should not be happening to him. Of course, I am older and I have medicare with a supplemental insurance which is Blue Cross of Texas. I should be good.  Right?

Yesterday Bob walked 6 minutes on the tread mill using a harness.  He is able to get in and out of a wheel chair without the assistance from anyone but is not allowed to do it alone because he still wares yellow socks. He was also issued a cane that wraps around his upper arm.  It has pink designs in it.

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