Monday, September 1, 2014

It seem every day brings a blessing or two.  Yesterday Tamara came by to stay with Bob while I went to the airport to pick up Bob's brother Ronnie. Thank you Tamara. Ronnie lives in Seattle.  What a pleasure to have him here this week.

Bob's weekend therapist Rudy was successful getting some commanded movement in Bob's left foot, leg, and arm.  One of the things he did was to tape Bob's hand to a golf club and told Bob to move it to the left.  He encouraged the move by shouting and hitting the spot he wanted Bob to move his arm to repeatedly. I think this was to get Bob's total focus and encouraged it by shouting and hitting the aimed spot he should go to finally got him to move.  Fascinating!  He also started rubbing and stretching his feet and was able to get Bob to do some command foot, toe and leg movement.

So anyway, the doctor said we could take Bob for a walk in his chair.  That was the first time he was out of his hospital room since the stroke.  We walked around the hospital then went on the patio outside.  I was trying to get Bob to move his foot using Rudy's methods by shouting and pounding on the area I want him to move it to but he didn't respond.  He looked at me, smiled and said "I can not take you seriously."

Angie and Brent stopped by for a little while on their way to dinner.  Ronnie and I ended the day with a late dinner at Johnny Carino's. Yum!


Maria C said...

It's so great to see the little victories! I only wish I was there so I could take a turn doing something to help out! I am so glad to know that progress continues! Give our love to Robert!

Andrew Twynham said...


Connie and I think often about you both and apologies to not have checked in sooner.....we will be back in Dallas next week and look forward to seeing Bob and the great progress.Keep those postings coming as we read them daily.

Andrew and Connie.