Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In the past few days Bob has been making improvements everyday.  Things seem to be more natural for him and he moves with ease in many cases.  He sits up and down in bed when lying flat without the slightest struggle.  He gets in and out of a chair with very little assistance. The physical therapists have been working with Bob while on the tread mill with the use of a harness.  Today he walked in three minute sessions twice. He can kick his left leg to his chest.  Bob will squeeze your hand but will not be able to release it yet.

Bob's sister Mary Ann was here and was showing Bob a video of their nephew Scott's baby girl putting her toes in her mouth. Watching his Grand-niece do that Bob said he had a moment of jealousy seeing her move and within 40 seconds of that he was moving his toes.

His speech is better everyday.  His therapist told him to make an imaginary circle on his arm or nearby surface while talking at the same time.  It surprisingly seems to help.  Today she worked on voice tone and. expression.

Sunday Joy brought some delicious chicken brochette she cooked from home  Several of our family members enjoyed eating it on the outside patio of the hospital.  It was nice being outside getting some fresh air and having a picnic. Two of Bob's co-workers, Evelyn and Ellen brought some homemade banana bread. The container said" to B and B from E and E."  It was awesome!  Thank you ladies.  Please don't mind me, I like talking about food every once in a while.

I took Mary Ann to the airport today.  Bob and I both felt sad she was leaving but very thankful she got to spend some time with us.  I am sure her husband Bill and kids Joyce and Andy will be happy to have her home again.  Thanks to Bill, Joyce and Andy for letting us borrow her for a few days.  

Today brought some disappointment.  I got a call from the Pate representative telling us our insurance will not sufficiently cover Bob's stay there.  We have to see about other options.  I will update everyone on these new possibilities as I know them.  


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